Piceni.tv represents the main goal of the culture group: its aim consists in
joining together the resources of the Piceno area regarding culture, art and creativity.

With Handicraft you will discover the handicrafts, the ancient arts and crafts of the traditional workshops and those of the most innovative ones.

A date with history will trace the origin of the Piceno territory, an immersion in history, a unique journey into the secrets of the archeological area of the Piceno. Walking through the historic centres and getting to the heart of commemorations, parades and medieval jousts.

Creative acting arouses a deep passion for the territory of the Piceno and its lively and contemporary culture. Original and captivating theatrical plays, fascinating performances of the street artists, amazing exhibitions and artistic collections.

Museum will astonish you with the coloured culture of the Piceno. The traditional concept of museum turns into a cultural container, proposing events, festivals, meetings, laboratories and didactic activities: a museum you must not miss.