Piceno Culture group is a network composed of specialized individuals. It gathers cultural activities of high quality, sharing the same identity and the same goals.
All the companies, involved in this innovative and original project Piceni.tv, work in specific areas of expertise.
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Fideas Srl (acronym borrowed from English "FIrm DEveloping Advanced Services", that is advanced services for the firm developing) works since 1987 with a broad, motivated and professional skilled team in economic, financial, commercial, environmental and cultural fields. Its aim is to provide innovative services in favour of Small and Medium enterprises, local administrations and no-profit organizations.

Fideas srl
Borgo Cappuccini, 3/5
63035 Offida (AP)
Tel: + 39 0736 880843
Fax: + 39 0736 888235
e-mail: fideas@topnet.it
www.fideas.it - www.artigianato.marche.it