Piceno Culture group is a network composed of specialized individuals. It gathers cultural activities of high quality, sharing the same identity and the same goals.
All the companies, involved in this innovative and original project Piceni.tv, work in specific areas of expertise.
Progetto Zenone
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Progetto Zenone is a society, which supply services for culture whose activity ranges from man to architecture, as the place of living in harmony with the territory. The company’s work is focused on the planning and the design with a particular attention to tradition and to the environmental sustainability. Antonella, Cinzia and Tiziana dream wide horizons: for nature and for man, with nature and with man, towns in harmony with the territory. They are places, ideal for relationships, open to every possible relation, from the more simple to the more intricate, with the aim to re-build the urban and community values that nowadays suffer from a deep crisis.
The Progetto Zenone dream is that to arouse the individuals desire for a liveability, urban and territorial that should include all the available space, both the built one and the virgin one, and where the contiguity of the urban and cultural spaces can be synonymous for continuity of the relational processes. The organization, maintenance and restoration of the spaces can offer a concrete and creative contribution to the general system of perspectives and buildings where live together the body and the soul of people.
In this way, each project, even if it is applied to a part of space, exceeds the single element and the single operation in order to join to the more elaborate system. The aim is a town-territory that lives and grows continuously in terms of quality and innovation.
The Progetto Zenone society has agreed the Piceno cultural district project from the beginning: a social and operative network between public and private institutions, with the purpose to promote the development of culture and to support properly the local growth programmes.

Progetto Zenone Sas
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