Piceno Culture group is a network composed of specialized individuals. It gathers cultural activities of high quality, sharing the same identity and the same goals.
All the companies, involved in this innovative and original project Piceni.tv, work in specific areas of expertise.
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Offida is a town rich in historical-artistic heritage and in tradition, peculiar features that are impressed in the places and in the people. Oikos is a cooperative that has been working in this cultural environment since 1997. The members of this company work with professional competence in the pillow lace production and in the tourist and museums services. Especially, they guarantee the opening of the museum to the public and the guided tour into the beautiful fourteenth-century Church Santa Maria della Rocca, into the Serpente Aureo theatre and into the Museum Centre (De Castellotti Palace). Moreover, the cooperative organizes educational workshops in collaboration with the schools of the territory and local street market during the summer period with the aim to promote the typical local handicraft and it cooperates with Offida town council in the organization of other events. The main goal of the cooperative is the combination among history, art, culture and local traditions: features that make Offida one of the most visited towns in the Piceno area.

Oikos SocietÓ Cooperativa arl
Via Roma, 17
63035 Offida (AP)
Tel: +39 0736 888609
e-mail: info.oikos@libero.it