Piceno Culture group is a network composed of specialized individuals. It gathers cultural activities of high quality, sharing the same identity and the same goals.
All the companies, involved in this innovative and original project Piceni.tv, work in specific areas of expertise.
Compagnia dei Folli
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The Company of Fools was established in 1984 in Ascoli Piceno: it was a group of young people from Castel Trosino with a great passion for the Street Theatre. In 1997 it became a real company, with 25 actors engaged. The production are more spectacular that the previous performances. At first they used only the stilts. Now the performances are more elaborated using new circus numbers, pyrotechnical effects, acrobatic feats and graceful suspended flights in order to enchant and charm the public.
The company toured around the world both in Europe (Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, France) and in non-European countries (Algeria, South Africa, Russia, United Arab Emirates). The PalaFolli was established by the Company of Fools. It is a centre for cultural production and promotion: a theatre with 200 seats, curtain theatre with 500 seats and a conference room. The Companyís goal is the promotion of a culture, where innovation and tradition are joint together, characterized by a direct involvement, artistic fantasy and singular power of the image.

Compagnia dei Folli Srl
Zona Servizi Collettivi - Marino del Tronto
63100 Ascoli Piceno
Tel: +39 0736 352211
Fax: +39 0736 336444
e-mail: info@compagniafolli.it